slacs bianci - slicker

Release Date: Friday 16th August 2019
Cat No.: PITLDN04


Nottingham producer and rapper Slacs Bianci is back with his third full-length release ‘SLICKER’, the follow up to his recent debut album ‘No Effort’ on Loudhouse. Slacs is an artist that promises to provide a rollercoaster experience from start to finish on every project he releases due to his unorthodox production style and vocal delivery.

SLICKER is an 8 track project that encompasses an array of contrasting energies, placing the listener in a brand new setting on each track. The sonics can only be described as Yellow Days meets XXYYXX blended with an authentically nostalgic British Rap sound. Slacs Bianci's latest body of work is set to secure his position in the UK Rap scene as he gears up to work on a new winter album to be dropped later in the year.

‘SLICKER’ is officially released via The Pit London on Friday 16th August.