A Soul Rise With The Sunrise


With a feel-good and heartwarming single ‘Everyday Sun’, artist duo The Aztext stay optimistic and hopeful whilst melodizing on life. Hitting the nail on the head is a very hard feat when coming to create genuine music. Thankfully, The Aztext have not only met lyrical exception for their latest single but they have completely surpassed it. Staying conscious and sentimental, Everyday Sun manages to stay true and uplifting to itself. With melodies on sunshine, warmth and tranquillity this song really warms up the heart. If you’re feeling down, Everyday Sun is the shot of positivity that you need. With an impermeable hook, a smile can’t help but emerge whilst listening to The Aztext. Immerse yourself in this song, enjoy yourself. The Aztext personify music, they give it a soul and a heart. Listen to Everyday Sun before the sun comes up or before the sun goes down.