All Roads Lead Here


Akin to no other, break out rapper Weyland Mckenzie has spent the latter half of 2018 in constant progression. Determined to forge his own road to success, the release of this 7 Track E.P assures us that there is plenty more water in the well. The project is at once autobiographical and metaphorical, woven from poetically cryptic observations of human interplay. Reoccurring themes within the work are the immovable presences of social media, gentrification, drug abuse and love.

What inspires such hope in the artist is his ability to effortlessly turn his commentaries into lyrical illustrations in a time where our vision of reality is skewed. Weyland’s art is selfless, awash with warnings and wisdoms which far surpass his years.

Sonically ‘Northeast’ has been arranged masterfully, each beat considered, expansive and melodically sophisticated. A watermark of a well compiled E.P is consistency of vibe, which is undeniable here. A perfect springboard into the New Year, ‘Northeast’ will remain underground only to those who are not digging for the truth.