Art? Chyeah!

Brixton Chip Shop is a venue most of us know and love. The small music venue and eatery has eternal good vibes and I stopped by for a night with the soul-felt hip hop vibe of Artcha. With a room full of some amazing creative minds and some of my favourite people, the energy was a buzz. When it came to crunch time, technical difficulties threatened the set, but Artcha rolled with the punches and truly made the event what it was. Performing completely acapella, Artcha went from bar to bar with a deep and meaningful connection to his words. I don’t do emotions, but let me tell you, I got FULL BODY goosebumps listening to him perform tracks such as Grandma’s House and Life Like.

With deep meaning and a lot of heart, this artist fulfils the depths of soulful writing, and makes us think. It’s hard to question whether or not his music distracts from his general message, as an experience either will shake you to the core. We will be hearing a lot more from the likes of Artcha, an artist willing to make a bad situation into something chill-worthy and beautiful. Without a single hesitation, Artcha is fully worth the streams! 

UrbanTalesVol2 is releasing in May 2019 on Club Frshrz and Believe.

Artcha is also hosting Luna Lates, a jam packed event at Concrete, Shoreditch on Thursday 14th March. Myself and a bunch of my faves will be there vibing the night away so make sure you come on through and check it out. It will be a night to remember for sure.

Words by Nancy H Gardner
Instagram @nancyhgardner
Soundcloud @nancyhgardner

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