Artist Spotlight: Artz

Photo Credit:  Jaiel Perez

Photo Credit: Jaiel Perez

Representing his hometown of New York, Artz is taking artistic creativity to a whole new level and is looking to conquer the world one reject at a time. Having just dropped some new heat for the world in the form of a visual for ‘Mixie’, we had a little catch up with Artz to see how his world has changed since we last spoke on Reprezent.  

Tramell: How have things progressed in your life since we last spoke?

ARTZ: It’s been a blessing since visiting London. I came back inspired to get back to New York and continue putting more content out. I’ve been focused on creating more consistent themed events Allowing people to digest my music through experience and curated art events. 

For those who don’t know, who makes up the collective Reject Dreams?

Reject Dreams started as my "brain child" and a outlet for my expression. Early on I connected with my Reject brothers Rena1ssance (producer, creative director) extraordinaire and Ty The Sound God (engineer, producer). Throughout the time of knowing each other we've come together to build our own sound musically and the camaraderie of what it means to be a Reject in general. Years later, I’m proud to say we've built a community of different artists that contribute to the lifestyle and collaborate with us frequently. From visual artists that collab with us on our comic books, to videographers and musicians that we incorporate in our sound.  

You have a solid discography behind you now showcasing many styles - what has been your favourite project so far?

I create music from a real personal place so every release I can say is special to me in a different way. We been working on ‘Kill The Robots’ for some time now and I’m excited to release it. Specifically because of the range of musical ability we display on this project and the featured musicians and artists. 

What has been the most defining moment in your artistic career?

Hearing my voice on Hot 97 for the first time always strikes a chord with me because that literally the station I grew up on as a kid listening to music. Besides that moment I would honestly say this last year and a half has been special for me. It challenged me to hone in on my other talents from art curating, event coordination, creative direction and video editing.

A lot artists these days have a dual persona - their artist life and reality. How do you differentiate the two?

To me, it’s one and the same. music and creative has been in my life for so long that it’s integrated into everything I do.

How is the New York music and arts scene evolving in this new age?

I feel we’re connecting more than ever - all boroughs have been coming together to make things happen. I always intend to bring together people from different places in general. I feel it’s important for growth and the culture.

In your autobiographical movie, which celebrity would play ARTZ?

I would hope to be playing myself, who knows though maybe it’s in the works already and I don't even know lol. "The revolution will be televised" - Gil Scott. If not we would have to cast a true nuyorican to really kill the role.  

Name the top 3 influencers in your life right now.

Influences ? Or Influencers? 
Influences would be love, family and experience.
Influencers: Pharrell, Kanye West and I really dig what Elon Musk is aiming to achieve.

What legacy would you like to leave?

One that results in a positive contribution to culture and humanity.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel
— Maya Angelou 

2019 is just around the corner - what can we expect from you in the New Year?

This "Mixie" film is the start of a flood. 2019 you can expect more music releases, visuals, comics, content and travels to do more of my events in other cities. Starting with a string of shows at Art Basel (Miami) this December and continuing from there !  

- Love - ARTZ 

You can listen back to our last interview on Reprezent below: