Artist Spotlight: Dotty


South Londoner Dotty is set to take on his debut headline show at Oslo in Hackney on October 6th. We catch up with the Thornton Heath native to find out what to expect in the upcoming performance as well as his influences, pre-show rituals and more.


Pit: You have just released the latest visual for 'Back to Reality' tell us bit more about the story behind it?

Dotty: The song for back to reality came out a few months ago and it got a really good reception, I wasn’t intending to do a video for it but me and my team thought why not use a mash up of random videos throughout my career so far and just release it. The song came from my more reflective side. It’s basically me talking the real about what I see in my society.

There are a lot of rappers coming out of the Croydon and Thornton Heath area, did your ends have any influence on you starting music?

Yes 100%, the way that we have all grown in this environment has had a major effect in our music. We’ve seen a lot so there’s so much to talk about.

Your debut headline show at Oslo Hackney is fast approaching and for any artist is a time of mixed emotions. How are you feeling about it right now?

To be honest, I don’t really feel anything until the last minute. I know it will be a mixture of excitement and doubt but that’s just us as humans.

What can we expect from a Dotty performance?

A Dotty performance is: Passionate, Honest, Fun and nothing but good vibes. That’s the best way for me to put it.

Do you have an pre-show rituals?

I actually don’t you know, but I feel like I will adopt some over time. I know I’m not really talkative just before a show but that’s just me getting into my zone.

Your being supported in the night by 3 incredible artists - Nipah, Lil Kay G5 and Dominique Laurn. What are the qualities you see in that deem them great artists to you?

All three artists are dope in their own way and I can see their determination to make something of themselves and better yet I know all of them outside of music and I’m all about making your people shine.

When you’re making songs do you have the live performance in mind?

On some occasions, that would normally happen if I’m making an upbeat song.

We first came across you when you featured on Behind Bars, will you be performing this live?

Unfortunately I won’t be performing this due to the amount of time and other songs I have to perform but they’ll be plenty more with that vibe.

How important is this upcoming show to you?

This is almost like my stamp. My first headline show, I’m sure when I’m 1,000 shows down this one will still mean the most.

What does the future hold for Dotty?

The future hold whatever’s in God’s plan but right now we’re working on taking this as far as we can. When I say we I mean my team London X Living and I because their major figures in my past & present.


Tickets for Dotty’s headline show are selling fast so make sure you grab yours now!

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