Artist Spotlight: Jafro


The amount of artists that Jamal Edwards has given a SBTV Warm Up Session to that has gone on to rise through this industry to the highest of heights and speaks volumes on how powerful a platform it is. Even in the days where SBTV is relatively quiet compared to GRM Daily & Link Up TV. Due to that the Warm Up Sessions is always a good way to find the next big thing. Well this week I found it. It’s Jafro!

Hailing from Leicester, Jafro killed this opportunity! There’s a certain nostalgia that is present throughout the session where I haven’t heard anyone spray like this in a long time. I never realised how much I missed this style. One thing Jafro doesn’t lack is hunger. Match that with execution and the potential is scary. Other MC’s should be nervous going into a cypher or clash environment with an artist of this pedigree.

Last month he also dropped a JDZmedia StoryTeller which gave us more of an insight to who Jafro is. I’m hoping we will get more consistency from him this year as if he gets his foot on the games neck - it would be hard to ignore him.

I couldn’t believe I had never seen Jafro’s Bl@ckbox he dropped back in March 2018, as that’s another one that got torn apart.

In June 2018, Jafro released his project ‘Peace, Lust & Sauce’ which showed his versatility as it was far from what I have got to know through the freestyle circuit. A much more chilled vibe with the standout track for me being ‘Friday’. I would love to get a project that blends the two styles perfectly as I feel there is so much space in the market for Jafro to come through and deliver!