Artist Spotlight: Pri-D


Straight up break your neck boom bap from this dope unsigned artist from the West Midlands. Pri-D dropped the video for 'Underground' from his forthcoming EP, and fully embodies hip hop and the classic boom bap era culture. With sharp, to the point lyricism, combined with a flow hitting harder than a brick to the jaw, Pri-D's track 'Underground' is a must for any boom bap fan. Pri-D was good enough to answer us a few questions - check these out below the video!

Mxrtlxck: Yo Pri-D whats good? The videos sick bro big up! When did you start making music and who were your main influences?

Pri-D: Aye safe man, thank you. I’ve been making tunes for about 3 years man, as soon as I started spitting I just started making tracks really haha. I’m influenced by everyone really, if I hear something that’s dope then that makes me wanna make sick tunes as well.

If you could work with any producer, past or present, who would you pick and why?

There’s so many names really but if I had to pick one it would be Leaf Dog, dude kills it!

If you could battle any rapper, past or present, who would you wanna go toe to toe with?

I think probably Biggie, to be in that battle would be a blessing in itself haha 

What's the plans for Pri-D in the future?

I got an EP that’s in the progress of being finished Called ‘Big Spliff,Little Piff, Cardboard vox’ so you can all go get that, details will posted on my social media

If hip hop, rap, grime etc disappeared overnight what would your go-to genre of music be?

Drum & Bass without a doubt haha I like all genres though

Respect Pri-D thanks for your time, any last shout outs or mentions?

Respect my g! Yeah man shout out anyone who likes the tunes for sure! And everyone that helps and continues to.

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