Billy Dukes get dark in latest offering "Sid Vicious"

Sid Vicious, the latest offering from London duo Billy Dukes (Intalekt & GeeFree), is a poetic Rap track straight from the belly of the next generation. 

The instrumental is percussive and fluent, bringing together a multitude of different sounds in a coherent and direct fashion. With echoes of 808INK, the beat is almost sluggish, but in an experimental way, which propels the rest of the track forward in a slow, succinct way. 

The vocal aspect is equally as impressive. It is lyrically insightful, poetic and occupies its own space within the track. GeeFree references childhood and seems to articulate his own progression through life so far, whether it be personal or professional. It gives an honest insight into life growing up in inner-city London, and how these struggles and experiences have shaped and birthed a new generation of artists and creatives.

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