Bring It Back

British rapper and fashion trailblazer Ricci Queens returns with a self-directed raw VHS-style music video bringing a magnifying glass over the lifestyles of the young, wild creative youths of London. Filmed and edited by ACTIVISUALS, this is an ode to the rapper’s environment. Infused with candid cameos of Queens’ talented friends as they play in the city. Amongst whom include influencers, designers, DJs, artists, skaters & models. The visual exudes the record's soundscape with highly active and dynamic scenes of London at night. 

Propelled by nimble wordplay, slick bars, and a heavy hitting melody, ‘Bring It Back’ shines over glimmering keys and icy 808s. While evoking strains of his signature style, in this record you can feel the motivational and celebratory essence with another quotable hook— “Bring It Back I Need Another One, We Aint Done Until I Say We Done”—bound to be a lexicon-worthy catchphrase for 2019.

This is just the beginning though. ‘Bring It Back’ heralds the first music video by Ricci Queens in 5 years. The next era of Ricci Queens starts now!