Camzino is a "Problem"


Hailing from South of the Thames comes 20 year-old artist Camzino. Being influenced by mainly Grime & R'n'B earlier on his career, it seems now he is coming of age and is able to experiment with multiple sounds. We have noticed his musical drive with him put out a frequent amount of releases via Soundcloud and then later via his own label SOUFPUNK with his manager. I believe those releases paid off because his latest release Problems is definitely a song that everyone should check out, as the CashMoneyAP on the production! You know the song can only go two ways its either going to be a banger or a flop and all I can say no one wants problems with Camzino because he is here to stay even he reiterated as the track opens “they don’t want problem’s with me, my nigga”. See it’s not just me saying it.