Digital Crates #006

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This weekly series will cover the best tracks to come out in the last 7 days and expose you to some great artists from around the world.


Kali Uchis - Nuestro Planeta 

Reggaeton has become the sound to watch as of recent with artists such as J Balvin, Bad Bunny, and Luis Fonsi having made such an impact reaching views over 1 billion on YouTube.  Another act that is looking to make a similar impact is Kali Uchis, as her latest project Isolation was released last Friday and the stand out track for me was Nuestro Planeta.This song has such a cultural feel to it as Kali Uchis taps back into her roots “Since I wanted to do something for Colombia, that’s where I had to start” and this is showcased throughout the song as the tempo of the beat builds up complementing la Español, allowing us to hear her in a way we haven't quite from her.

- Daniel


Rapman - Shiro Story

Even though the tape came out a while back, this story had me hooked! As with any Rapman record, he takes us through a journey and this one has just the twist to have you stunned. For the video he has drafted in Joivan Wade & Percelle Ascott who some may know from the ‘Mandem On The Wall’ series. It was great to see them perform these roles, specifically Percelle. It was a real change of character from other roles I’ve seen him in. I can’t go into too much detail with this video as it will ruin the surprise. Take a look!!!

- Kieran


$uicideBoy$ - Either Hated or Ignored 

The Louisiana duo are back with a fresh melodic number for your ears. $uicideBoy$ are known for their sonically hard hitting beats but once in a while they grace us with a something sample. With Suicide Christ’s signature gritty vocals and Ruby Da Cherry’s twisted flow, this track is one for those ice cold mornings when you want to zone out and not hear any bullshit

- Tramell


Nicki Minaj - Barbie Tingz

There is nothing better than a good ol' Nicki freestyle. With the constant Cardi and Nicki comparisons it's good to hear classic Nicki with about 5 different flows and they are all cold with a bar a minute. You have to listen to this one multiple times to get them and you will still miss a few. Can we see an influence of the UK with the use of word "Tingz"? To be fair Nicki has always hailed up her Caribbean roots but she does keep shouting out UK artists such as Ms. Banks so it's not surprising. I don't think this is a club banger but I will appreciate it when the DJ Spins it!

- Alfred



The latest track from Canadian songstress REDRUM sits comfortably at the top of my late night playlist. Her hauntingly-melancholic vocals coupled with slow, swaying drums mix feelings of optimism and hopelessness, carefully balancing out the track. Musically-intoxicating stuff from the young vocalist.

- Oscar


Dotty - Gone With the Wind (Ft. Charlie Rose)

The British are coming! Especially this Friday seeing the releases of projects from Loski's “Call Me Loose”, Novelist's “Novelist Guy” and Dotty's London X Living: A Collection Of Sounds. Only having the chance to listen to Dotty’s project after attending his listening party, one song that stuck out to me was Gone With the Wind which was a great way to start the project. Dotty was able to channel pain, anger, empathy, and happiness into a wave that hits immediately and forcefully - it sets the tone for the project as a whole.

- Daniel


Maxsta x Inch (Section Boyz) - Guns and Roses

The vibe! This tune deserves to be put on any playlist that’s expecting to last up until summer. Out of the two artist’s on the record, Inch edges it for me & his verse has been reloaded multiple times. It was also nice to hear from Maxsta as I haven’t seen much of him in recent times!

- Kieran


Daniel OG - When I (Dumpy)

This week I was sitting in a restaurant and the guy next to me said to his friend “You know who I’ve started listening to? Daniel OG. Every line is a double entendre with him. Yeah his flow is simple but I know all the lyrics to his songs” Shout out to that guy! Anyways, this new one is a heater! 

- Tramell


Nick Anthony - Alone (ft. Jordan Andrew)

Creative and fluent production holds this track up, whilst Jordan Andrew’s vocals almost act like a synth above the track, much like his other material. Making the bridge between indie-pop and percussive hip-hop, the song would fit both at home and in a club. The two artists are little-known but surely able to change that with music like this.

- Oscar