Digital Crates #008

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This weekly series will cover the best tracks to come out in the last 7 days and expose you to some great artists from around the world.


¿Téo? - Orso (off top)

¿Téo? is the younger brother of former Hannah Montana star, Moises Arias, and one of the founders of lifestyle brand MSFTSrep alongside his brother and Jaden Smith. So the Colombian rapper has a star-studded guestlist for his shows and rightly so because his music is LIT! Riding on a Baile funk beat, ¿Téo? gives us a summer Trap banger that has been on repeat all week. Rich melodies, interchanging flows and instrumental build ups crown this track in the most beautiful way. 

- Tramell


J Cole – Brackets

Jermaine Cole is always giving points about his worldview and I love it on this song because it relates to so many things happening in the world. “BRACKETS” samples one of Cole’s long-time influences, Richard Pryor, which sets the tone of the topic about to be discussed. Money. Wealth. Spending. You name it, Cole said it. You get the feeling the track is going to be about a rich man whimpering about people leaching on to his fortunes, but the track ends up somewhere very different: an impeachment of the inherent racism of government spending

Better that than letting wack congressman I've never seen
Dictate where my money go, straight into the palms of some Money-hungry company that make guns that circulate the country And then wind up in my hood, making bloody clothes

This track here is properly my favourite track on the project, it’s just pure fire. 

- Daniel


BiigPiig - You Know Better (Ft. Bone Slim)

Fresh from her EP ‘Big Fan Of The Sesh’, BiigPiig effortlessly delivers some of the most beautiful, natural vocals I’ve heard in a while. The track is executed gracefully, much like the rest of the EP, taking an Indie-R&B angle and mixing this with her recognisable, gentle flow. Bone Slim’s additional bars are the icing on the cake. 

- Oscar


Puma Blue - Only Trying 2 Tell U

Bless up if you like music from the likes of D’Angelo because that is the kind of sauce Puma Blue brings with his track Only Trying 2 Tell U”. The sound of the track spans everything from classic Jazz balladry to Rhythm & Blues for you fools! Everyone should check out Puma Blue if you are just a fan of good music.

- Daniel


Yung Pinch - Navy

The first time I peeped the beach boy was in Zaytoven’s episode of Against The Clock. I don’t even think he said a word, was just rolling a blunt in the back. But his look intrigued me and Z gassed him up so I had to check out his music and I’ve been a huge fan ever since! Finally the duo come together for “The Navy” - another Yung Pinch track added to my Sounds of... Wave playlist.

- Tramell



$TA delivers a dark trap nightcap with HELLO? This is the only track I've heard by him, and seems relatively unknown, but has definitely already developed an original sound and shows clear potential. Reminding me slightly of 6LACK, $TA is worth keeping an eye on.

- Oscar


Omega Tha Kid - Mhmm

Atlanta artist Omega Tha Kid comes through with something smooth and sexy on this new joint "Mhmm". It's 3am, the club is about to close and you're looking to secure for the night - this is what is playing in the background. You've only got 3 minutes to make your move before lights on.

- Tramell