Digital Crates #009

BeFunky Collage009.jpg

This weekly series will cover the best tracks to came out in the last 7 days and expose you to some great artists from around the world.


Childish Gambino - This Is America

Donald Glover is a motherfucking GENIUS! This video, which just dropped out of nowhere yesterday, is littered with visual social commentary and symbolism on the American (and global) society we live in today. When tragedy happens we move on so quickly to the next distraction in the form of silly memes, the latest dance craze and social media; blocking out the destruction that is going on all around us for a quick fix. Glover takes a stab at mumble rappers, which seems to be the in-thing right now (THANK YOU!), dotting the track with recognisable rapper adlibs - I'll let you catch those. You need to watch this at least 5 times to catch all the subtleties.

- Tramell


Post Malone - Stay

Post Malone's latest album has been on replay ever since it came out last Friday and one song that stuck with me is the Bob Dylan influenced song “Stay”.  The acoustic break-up ballad, Post sang, “Every time we make up the truth it's faded/Everybody's blind when the views amazing/ Damn, who are we right now?/ Can we have a little conversation/ Figure it out with no intoxication.” This defo made me stay (me aand my sh*t puns).

- Daniel


Maajei Vu - SAFESEXMAMI (Ezr0 Marei Remix)

Ezr0 Marei’s latest remix tackles the ethereal Trap/R&B sound of Maajei Vu. Hard hitting drums smash through the centre, making it a head-banging trap track like no other. This would be absolutely mad to drop in the middle of a packed out night, might blow a couple of ear drums though…

- Oscar


Slowthai - Ladies

Know this now if Slowthai drops a song, project even a lullaby it’s going to be my choice of the week. This latest release from Northampton native is all about the ladies as it dives into the feelings men usually have about the ladies. “This one’s for the ladies / ‘Cus they have our babies / and they drive us crazy / but they made us men” he croakily sings on the chorus; I call that shit passion. I would love to use big words to describe this TUNE but I can’t all am saying is sit back enjoy. FYI I pick good songs so thank me later.

- Daniel


vbnd - Smoke (Ft. Katie Tupper)

Canadian producer vbnd graces us with yet another beautiful soundtrack this time smothered with the soothing vocals of Katie Tupper. Through the barrage of heavy Hip Hop I get sent these days it's nice to hear tracks like this that bring me down to earth again. There are talks of an album coming soon so I can't wait to hear what vbnd has in store for us next.

- Tramell


6 dogs - Drink Up (Ft. Yung Bans) [Prod. Danny Wolf + Otxhello + Dilip]

6 dogs brings the light emo-trap vibes on this one, not usually my style but the insane line up of producers is impossible to overlook. Thudding 808’s and crisp percussive sounds form a solid base to the track, with 6 dogs and Yung Bans blessing it with a sad gangster flow.

- Oscar


BBK - Athlete (Ft. Goldie1)

As a fan of the BBK collective, this song has really lifted my spirits. With what is going on in Grime, a song such as this is welcomed with open arms. Listening back to BBK classics such as ‘Thrown In The Bin and ‘Too Many Man, this song definitely ranks among them. My favourite verse had to be from Wiley which made me pull up my YouTube (is that even a thing?! Lol). Everyone kills their verse though so it was a close choice. I already can't wait to hear this drop on the club!

- Alfred