Digital Crates #003


This weekly series will cover the best tracks to come out in the last 7 days and expose you to some great artists from around the world.


Kamakaze - Year of the Kamdog

Scottish Record label & club night Astral Black just dropped their first release of the year, Royal Blud, and the opening track is a monster! Kamakaze and Massapeals form a power team on this 5-track EP and Year of the Kamdog is a war cry that sends verbal bullets to your chest. In just two hot verses, the Midlands rapper flawlessly showcases why he isn't someone to overlooked. Crazy flow and wordplay aside, Kamakaze displays that raw energy that is needed in the scene. Definitely one to watch for 2017!


Lord Apex - New Weed in My Grinder

I say this time and time again, Lord Apex is one of my favourite rappers - period. The work rate of this guy is crazy... If you visit his Soundcloud page, the Sensei alone has uploaded just over 100 tracks in just 2 years! But it doesn't stop there. If you search a bit further you will find his name plastered all over many different platforms and I think this is the key to his international cult success. With quantity also comes quality which is always present in an Apex track. Lord Apex always has a flair for the theatrics and it's highlighted in this latest single, from the unexpected Carnival-esque beat to the light-hearted subject at hand. New Weed In My Grinder is the first preview to his forthcoming tape "Herbe" which is due to drop on 10th February.


Kieron Boothe - Blue Skies (Prod. KEL)

Another homegrown rapper taking the capital city by storm is Kieron Boothe. Blue Skies is stripped down to its simplest form with conscious vocals and clean production that engrosses you in its story. This is the interlude to Kieron's forthcoming album The Lone Wolf III which we are duly anticipating. Make sure you check out our interview with Kieron Boothe to get more insight into his project.


samsin - Ache

If you like our Free Music Wednesdays, then you are definitely going to love Darker Than Wax's free download series! Their latest offering comes from the newest addition to the DTW family, samsin. Ache consists of melodic cascading beats against a wavey choral backdrop with a tight flute section that gives me flashbacks to the Zelda soundtrack. This is my first introduction to samsin and he has got himself a new fan.


KINDER - Light (ROM Remix)

ROM is back with another sweet melody and it utilises the vocals of London singer-songwriter KINDER. The title track off his debut EP, Light is a harmonious R&B track that ROM has flipped to accentuate the guitar riff in all its glory. He peppers the track with his signature style that always puts you in a blissful mood.


Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Playboi Carti - Servin & Swervin (Prod. Tommy Kruise)

When three giants come together to make music it is always bound to be a crazy hit! The highlight on this track for me is the insane production. Tommy Kruise has you guessing as he switches up the melody. The intro had me bussing a sly milly rock in my seat but when the beat dropped with those baile funk drums... Fuego! I nearly lost it. Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Playboi Carti made light work of riding the beat and come through with some hard verses and a catchy chorus that I've been singing for the past day now. This is definitely an anthem and one to hit the clubs heavy. Remember I told you!