Don't Worry


Welcome to a different sort of vulnerability. This is the kind that doesn’t show itself readily. ‘Don’t Worry’, the latest offering from Manchester’s most original export Dami Sule has us tied in knots. Knowing that whilst he melancholically croons “don’t worry about me” that we might ought to be a little worried.

They say like you can-not be who you want to be

On the other side of the coin, Dami seems to be proclaiming that he has found himself and and that you don’t need to worry about anything stopping him being himself. He speaks to those he knows need to hear what he’s saying, he wants you to know that he’s been looked upon as a joke before, and that for some reason, sometimes the actions of others simply aren’t pure.

Dami’s previous single ‘Feel Like’ was pure poetic drama against a crazy beat and ‘Don’t Worry’ is the perfect follow up to it. Similar sentiments, different mood. Dami has the rare ability to tell his own experience without seeming self absorbed. His polyrhythms are really cascading and lovely and I certainly have a place in my playlists for him.