Exclusive Release: Anthony Lucius - 87th

Artwork -  Gregory Davis

Artwork - Gregory Davis

Hailing from the Metro East Area in St. Louis, Anthony Lucius skilfully blends intuitive lyricism and productions creating an individual and impressive sound. Lucius has also already attracted attention and praise with successful live performances on Fox 2 and Sofar Sounds. Having worked with the likes of Jamila Woods, Trae The Truth and Paul Wall, and recently releasing his second official project, Welcome To St. Lucius, Lucius helps bridge the gap between classic hip-hop and modern rap music, and his new project 87th is a powerful example of this.

87th, is Lucius’ most profound exploit to date. With ten tracks, each occupying their own space within the eclectic spectrum of what the project has to offer, Lucius proves himself to be more than just a rapper from East St. Louis. 87th is a comprehensive insight into all of Lucius’ strengths musically, setting it apart from his previous releases whilst maintaining his individual and recognisable sound. PT III, with its relaxed piano riffs and beat to match, helps to show a soft side to his music, coupled with lyrics addressing love and relationships. Bag on the other hand is a more honest ode to money-making and success, aided by the upbeat instrumentation. Another standout track, It’s Nothin’, has echoes of 90’s G-Funk, with Lucius again injecting his own unique twist and musical flavours. With 87th, Lucius proves his versatility, his artistic ability and his willingness to progress.

Anthony Lucius is sure to make waves internationally in the near future, with 87th being released exclusively by The Pit London. The first single from the album Be Ocean, Not Wave came out earlier this year via The Pit London, and the lead single Bag is set for release on September 8th. Lucius’ full 87th project drops Friday 22nd September.