Malika strikes gold in 'I Live' music video

Soulful 90's R’n’B-style songstress Malika strikes gold in this funny and charming video for new release I Live. The song, with its romantic vibes and perfectly put together harmony, make your heart melt like you were a kid again, crushing on one of your playground faves. I Live is taken from Malika's DEBUT EP Songs About C. Team this with a popular but uncommonly used in music, format. And you have a hilarious video.

Filmed and edited by Malika and Bole Collective, the music video is filmed with a dashcam facing various members of Malika’s family, setting up a sing-a-long to her new track. We're introduced to each member of her huge family (I totally feel you Malika, I have more cousins than I can count!) with a little caption about who they are to the talent.

Typical wares we face in trying to make something happen with family. A few of the family members, or lets say ‘characters’, shown in these few minutes are clearly the new Mariah Careys of the so called ‘Shady Bunch’. Theres her sister who’s framing isn’t quite right; a nephew who wants to turn her very necessary page of lyrics into a paper aeroplane; and one of many brothers who just won't put down the gun fingers.

This heart warming video really puts a playful and humorous spin on a romantic song, which really adds a new dimension to the emotions and nostalgia we get from the sounds. Being brought in to these intimate moments with Malika and her family, brings us closer as a viewer or listener, and that is something you just don't get with huge artists. Such an amazing concept, so easily achievable and really interesting to watch. 10/10 recommend giving it a watch, and checking out the rest of her EP, Songs for C. Can't wait to see what else this soulful family girl comes up with!

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Words by Nancy H Gardner
Insta: @nancyhgardner