Your early Christmas present: To your soul, with love, IAMDDB.

At just 20 years old, self-confessed ‘urban soul’ songstress IAMDDB releases her debut 6 track project entitled WÆVEYBBY VOLUME 1 on one of our favourite days of the year, Christmas Eve-Eve. The soulful sounds of this Mancunian beauty, teamed with her urban influences create an edgy and easy listening album.

As a whole the album flows through beautifully and listening to it (on repeat) gave me a sense of calm and self-assurance, something that shines through in her voice and words throughout. With huge influences, such as the late great Bob Marley and Lianne La Havas, confidence in her sound would have been an essential part of her musical creation and journey. The execution of her own personal voice, both metaphorically and physically, in only six tracks is astounding, teamed with twinkling beats and an array of cultural influences including "CHILDSPLAY's" resemblance to Japanese Koto. IAMDDB enhances her soulful sound with classic jazz and blues vocal improv on a number of her tracks, most beautifully and fleetingly, on track number two’s outro, "FALLING FAR", but that’s just my opinion!

The feeling is created from the steady combination of sweeping harmonies to fast flowing lines, with relatable bars to make you chuckle like “sometimes, I like to indulge in wine” ("VIBE") in a sort of vibesy mix between 90’s chill hop and 60’s soul.


This project reminds me of a time I can’t quite put my finger on. The sound and emotional triggers of both tempo and flow reside within me, like an experience of nostalgia, but from a past life, an old soul in a modern world, half lost, yet wildly thriving.

Through her unique but nostalgic sound we learn that she accepts herself for her faults, and we, the listener do too. Self-assured, confident and independent, ‘I am in control’. I sank into "Indigo", a personal favourite of mine, because its one of those songs that you just need sometimes, and I think that’s what IAMDDB does for us. She is an artist that will give us strength and power when we need it most - Switching on in the bath at home or the dreary journey to work in the morning for those good vibes and get ups. Much like legends, Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse did for so many of us, when IAMDDB feels something, I feel it too. And after you’ve bought this album and listened to it (on repeat) you will understand what I mean when I say that she just gets it.

It’s Mermaid season

With such talent, charisma, and vibe there’s no surprise in the music industries interest in IAMDDB, with high demand from big stations such as Capital FM, BBC 1 Radio and BBC 1XTRA. Expect to be hearing a lot more from this name and the collaborating artists that contributed to this project. The classic Soul-Jazz vibe with a modern urban twist is just what my radio needs and has needed for a long time!

Despite her telling, IAMDDB still collects herself with a mysterious edge. My only crit of this album is that it isn’t long enough. It’s like IAMDDB is a new injectable and I need my next fix. After downloading WÆVEYBBY you will understand my feelings of despair, teasing us with ‘VOLUME 1’ and leaving the listener waiting for more. All I can say is, if this is twelve months of work I can’t wait to hear your album in two, four and ten years’ time.

But until then, truly treat yourself for Christmas and purchase WÆVEYBBY VOLUME 1 here.

Written by Nancy H Gardner
Instagram: @nancyhgardner
SC: nancyhgardner