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Idris Miles

Idris Miles, self-confessed dreamer, and of course rapper/ writer from Essex, hits us up with a new Single, fresh from First Ear, named FLGHT. The track combines classic bars with a bassy, chilled edge and lyrics to snigger at. Idris’ new tune, the first of many this year, kick starts an upcoming 2017 project, entitled ‘T.R.I.B.E’

The track starts with a slow mellow intro, Idris goes on to tell us all about his stance on life, how he flows like the ocean. Lyric wise you can tell the guy is living, I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been there. The sound is somewhat familiar with a new edge, the inflection of his voice reminds me a little of UK rapper Proton, but in a quirky and memorable way. It makes him sound sure of himself and his words.

Been going out at night all the time, I forgot what the days are
— Idris Miles

One part of the track I reeaally wanna talk about is a beautiful break down at 2.05, I genuinely gasped when I heard it. It's fleeting and vague but it drops perfectly. Production value is steaming. Listening on my phone wasn’t good enough, I went to the effort to turn on the sound system to get the real feel of it. It was magical. Note to self: listen in headphones.

Listening to the track I happened to take the title both literally and figuratively, ‘Take flight’ meaning both travel and move. Maybe I just connected to this from my own personal experiences, and I’d love to talk to Idris about his personal take on this, because obviously, music is art and art is subjective. For me I related to travel, seeing the world, living in different environments and just metaphorically moving. Keeping the ball rolling, never stopping. I assume the latter is the intentional meaning, but one can only dream. Either way, Idris is racking up some decent air miles for himself this year.

Stay tuned for new projects on Idris’ Soundcloud, the upcoming First Ear website and of course my REVIEWED BY ME playlist on Soundcloud for sneak peaks on upcoming articles, and tunes I’ve written about, all in one place!