It Feels Like Orange

Orange Dreamer.jpg

Orange Dreamer’ dives and free falls through the styles of three unique artists who have come together to create this perfect slice of neo-pop-soul. Berlin-based Swiss singer Ay Wing provides a familiar vocal styling, but shows an ability to be tactically minimal in keeping with the other elements of the track, she also has impeccable pitching. 

Rapper Chuuwee, at 22 years old, has converted a plethora of painful experiences into a wise form of art. In order to paint a picture that allows others to empathise with the psychedelic, it is necessary to be seasoned in the experience. Having sampled Chuuwee’s extensive back catalogue I’m gunna assume he’s safe to comment. 

Shuko’s dreamy synaesthetic production actually allows you to FEEL a deep sunset blood orange and combined with the impeccable vocal and poetic rapping this track is a multifaceted cerebral melting pot.