Kaleem Taylor Breaks The Surface

Photo Credit:  Johnny Fonseca

Photo Credit: Johnny Fonseca

Kaleem Taylor’s new EP ‘Surface’ is an exercise in introspection, exploring his own behaviours and utilising the power of hindsight. On ‘Not Alone’, Taylor tackles communication issues in a relationship. Set over bubbling synths, the lyrics depict the frantic stream of consciousness of someone struggling to talk. Inspired by relationships where you’re afraid to appear weak or vulnerable, the track is a mantra of encouragement to confide in those around you. ‘Fault’ is a simple yet powerful confessional, that swings from sparing piano backing in the verses to full, textured electronic production in the chorus. Drawing on the breakdown of a relationship, Taylor croons about what he has learnt from looking back and taking responsibility for his part in the decay of things, after the storm of emotions has passed: And on ‘Let It Fall’, the Hertfordshire soul voice sings sincerely of the beauty of tears and hard times in a syncopated R&B tune about accepting the trials and tribulations of life - embracing the rain to appreciate the sunshine.

To coincide with the Surface EP Kaleem is also embarking on his ‘Surface’ Live Tour this April kicking off with three dates in the UK.