Kalioen doesn't care about your ego


Here at The Pit we like it dark and raw - this track takes the cake. Kalioen’s latest two-parter ‘With No Ego’ punches you straight in the face with no-thrills lyrics and industrial style beat that instantly gets your blood boiling. The track is separated by a mellow phone call skit giving a brief dose of reality into the London rappers world before  dropping you back into something more Grimey for the pinnacle ending.

Kalioen, a member of the Sub Rxsa collective, takes his inspiration in music from the likes of Tyler, The Creator and Eminem which really shines through in his delivery and unadulterated content. The single artwork quotes “Fuck It. I’m over it” but I think we’re just getting started with this young star. Plenty more to come from Kalioen in his forthcoming EP dropping soon.