KISH! With A Masterpeace

Loud, brash and full of energy. That’s the vibe Mile Away is giving off and that’s the vibe we need as we draw closer to music festival season. Kish! keeps making waves in the scene dropping FLAGRANT DEATH project last year and linking up with fellow underground artist Masterpeace for this collaboration on “Mile Away” Masterpeace came with that “CHOPPA” on this, as his voice doesn’t request you to listen to it but demands you!

Long story short an OG, (Razor, OTE) linked us up due to the the work that me and Peace have put in on the underground but due to time we could never meet properly. A studio session at Relentless happened and somehow me, Razor, Kabz, NTN, YSTekdinner, Masterpeace AB were all in one space. So we made a quick banger shout-out CWBY on the beat
— Kish!

One time for CWBY with this insane production because the chemistry between the two artists was more than fitting. You know when you are in a happy marriage, that’s what the f**k that was. Again one time too CWBY.