‘Nightsky’ is the first single off of the debut project ‘TY’ from Alt-Pop vocalist Ivohe. Conceived from a poem, a fingerpicked guitar loop and the chance meeting of a lifelong friend, Ivohe’s ‘Nightsky’ amalgamates apprehension and daring amidst the innocence only familiar to the intensely sensitive. Reminiscent of melancholic dream pop pioneers The Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush and more recently Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish, the effortlessly effeminate folk vocal juxtaposed against a rolling rim shot beat makes it also distinctly urban and relevant.

‘TY’ - a metaphor for “Thank You” and tribute to close friend producer and rapper Henny Knightz, is an invitation to empathise with Ivohe’s experiences without being burdened by them. The musical backdrops are at once piano lead, but complemented by forrays of reverb manipulation and synthesizers. A perfect gift of understanding and hope for others who have experienced or are experiencing trauma.

Ivohe will be releasing her debut EP ‘TY’ in early summer.