North London rap artist Nines delivers the anthem for the streets with One Foot Out

Nines - One Foot Out

Nines - One Foot Out

Unless you've been living under a rock this past week, I'm sure you're aware the eagerly anticipated debut album, One Foot Out, from North London rap artist Nines has finally dropped. 


This past week, we've been keeping the album on heavy rotation and we have to say, this one here is very important. Check out the vlog Nines released during the albums campaign. This album has made serious noise, with today confirming it's #4 position on the official album chart listing. 

Right, let's get into the album:

01 - Intro
This track has been released for a little over half a year and has already had consistent rotation since then in my headphones. This is that classic Nines sound and the visuals are some of the iciest I've seen in a while. Great way to kick off the album...

02 - Going In
This track features cameos from Nines' ICB camp; with verses flowing perfectly over the production which has that timeless Zino Records sound. Nines delivers enough Instagram captions on these verses to last the fans for the rest of 2017! This record is another solid one.

Also they wanna know if my line blows, ask Nines if I ever let my 9 go

03 - Trapper of the Year
When this record first dropped, it took a while to grow on me but eventually it did. The one liners on this track you can't ignore and the chorus has now been stuck in my head non-stop. A very strong single that is looking to be a street classic now! This album so far is an uncompromising display of Nines' ability to keep the street content authentic whilst still bringing that A1 production. These visuals are also worth a look...

04 - Love 2 The Game (feat. Hudson East)
For tracks in into the album & this one feels like a love song to Nines' trap journey so far. However, it's not the strongest but the chorus will grow on you and Nines' verses are strong enough to carry the song. So far this is just a decent album filler for me. 

05 - Getting Money Now
Is this the same singer as Love 2 The Game? The way the production started sets Nines up perfectly for the drop. This song is definitely an improvement from the last one. Nines wordplay is just so cold, he really paints a clear picture when he's rapping. This track over the course of the week has been pulled up a surprising amount of times. This record starting to make me sing along. 

06 - These Keys (feat. Berner)
Seeing this track on the track list definitely had me curious. First thing I'm thinking is "which Berner we gonna be hearing?! " Taylor Gang!!! It's Taylor Gangs Berner, whom to be honest I haven't heard a lot of his own music but it's a surprising verse to see. The trippy flow definitely got me feeling this one! "How can I give this all upppppp" - this one here is holding a vibe!!! Yeah okay, this album is jumping now, have me singing my lungs out when Nines is dropping the chorus. The rapper brings a strong verse but do we expect any less by now?! Favourite track on the album so far!

07 - Stacey Adams
A hustlers anthem! Nines is dropping them jewels. Talking about undercover police that are clearly not as subtle as they think they are painting lamp posts lol! The production on this has a real nostalgic feel to it, like classic Channel U days! I'm really feeling Stacey Adams!

08 - Hoes (feat. Tiggs Da Author
Whenever I see Tiggs Da Author on any track I'm instantly intrigued. With hits together such as Yay, Tiggs has also worked on bangers for the scene with Drug Dealer for Blade Brown's project & on New Gen single Ring The Alarm to name a few. I gotta put my lighter in the air for this one. STRAIGHT BANGER! Sing along written all over it. Tiggs Da Author has done it again!

09 - Nervous
This is another one of those songs that as the week has progressed, I've grown to like. The bars Nines drop are still solid however I feel the song sounds slightly rushed, definitely a filler. 

10 - High Roller (feat. J Hus)
Since the video dropped in the build up to this albums release, this song has got that catchy J Hus style that you'll find yourself singing when the tracks not even on. Good single choice and dope video!

11 - Break Away
Nines' reflection on this track causes a shift in mood in the album. This project is like a streets blueprint for London. He really reaching out to the streets. This is exactly what our city has needed for years, someone to produce the story of the trap in London. This like our Paid In Full soundtrack for the city. "Left the label Christmas party to go break down a pack". I fuck with this one!

12 - I Wonder (feat. Akala)
Very reflective record. When I saw Akala on the feature I wondered if he was gonna drop a verse and how that would work, but he's come through speaking gospel! Nines is going through a variety of different curiosities he has with the state of the worlds affairs.

I wonder will Arsenal ever win the league
— Nines

This is my favourite track in terms of the picture painted. I find myself coming back to the album and picking this track first every time. 

13 - Trap Music
Another singer comes in to kick the track off, however I'm feeling this one a little more than some of the other tracks that have vocalists. Good song, however doesn't stand out to me as we've seen this before from Nines.

14 - Make It Last
This one here is for the female Nines fans. I caught a vibe, however it's still not WOWing me. I think the album could of been cut down to about 12 tracks. If these songs were at the beginning of the album, I'd have probably felt them a bit more. It's starting to get a bit repetitive now. 

15 - Outro
A perfect way for Nines to close the chapter on his journey. One Foot Out is definitely an important release for the scene. It's also great to see the album charting so successfully. 

Overall I give this album an 8/10. Solid throughout and has achieved what it needed to achieve. Definitely one of the best street albums to drop from this city in a long time.