North London’s Latest Breakthrough

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Domo Gorille is a twenty two year old artist emerging out of North London’s ever-evolving rap scene and displays great creativity through both his auditory and visual portrayal of the world. Using his own transcendent experiences, Domo describes the process of finding his own within the concrete jungle of London. Domo goes to great lengths to motivate himself to push the envelope and delve deeper into his own creative realm. Although Domo has constructed songs in the past utilizing featured artists, he is now ready to work on his own, unveiling new independent single titled “Smoking Mirrors”.

Smoking Mirrors is a soul cry. Driven by grim 808’s and coarse bass, Domo infects the chorus and creates a testament to his blurred sense of reality. Psychedelia is riddled throughout the track, as well as optimism and light at the end of the tunnel. Domo’s motif does a great job in blending with his ability to channel his vocal energy with various sounds. Smoking Mirrors brews an intimate relationship with feelings of fear, excitement and elation. These concepts all intertwine seamlessly with each other, creating a unique sound in which is unmistakably synonymous with Domo.

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