Official Release: Eskimoe - Maybe I (Ft. Theo)

22 year old vocalist and producer Eskimoe, presents his forthcoming single ‘Maybe I’ featuring soulful vocals from Theodora Laird. Eskimoe was born and raised in Oxford but now lives in London, awarding him a knowledge of sound from both cities. 19 year old Theo also originates from Oxford and her sound can be likened to that of Jorja Smith and Poppy Ajudha.

Eskimoe’s music is difficult to definitively categorise, instead sitting somewhere between alt-R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Soul and Jazz. With an emphasis on emotive hooks and hard-hitting layered percussion, Eskimoe produces an accessible and inventive sound.

Lyrically leaning toward introspective, honest themes, ‘Maybe I’ illustrates the human experience of love lost, something emotionally devastating yet ultimately conquerable. It is relatable, fluent and although the theme discussed is negative, the song concludes more defiant than solemn. The track is inspired by aspects of Jazz and Soul, which Eskimoe then sculpts into something new and intriguing.

Out now via The Pit London!