Hailing from North London, N1 - to be specific, ItsNate first began to make waves with his string of 4 mix-tapes due to his candid and vivid tales of London life. ItsNate's stark, honest and everyman inspired rhymes, coupled with his ear for dynamic beats, provided a fresh, alternative view to the typical narrative of UK Rap.

In 2019, ItsNate has already released the sequel, More To Come And Lots To Do 2, his most introspective effort to date. Reflecting on days prior to rap, the struggle of maintaining relationships whilst chasing a creative dream and the importance of grit and determination amidst pitfalls and missteps. Aided by Nate's moody yet polished production, and featuring Oscar Worldpeace for standout banger Not Guilty, More To Come and Lots To Do 2, sees Nate peel back the layers to reveal an individual sticking to his guns in midst of the madness and mundane in London Town and beyond.

Now ItsNate shows his quality and diversity on the brand new single 'Rome'.