Run The Track Rudeboy!


I get excited when I hear impending music from the following two names - $KINNY MALON£ and Luke Warm. The two have come together to create 'RUDEBOI', a fun-loving contemporary take on old-school traditional Grime.

The artist and producer duo fuse together to make the self-proclaimed "T.R.I.L.L- Hop" where genres are blurred to create a completely new hybrid. We see $KINNY delve deep into more personal subjects discussing homelessness & other deeper conversations in his nonchalant way of conveying it to the listener so that it is “easily digestible & thus relatable”.

This will be the East London star's first release of the year and one to be excited for, with a lot up his sleeve $KINNY is poised for a big 2019 all we need now is the visuals!