As you may know our homies from across the pond, Second Womb are hitting us up with a new EP every month of the year - mad men! If you haven’t checked out our interview with them earlier this year, read up on their inspo, ideas and how they fit it all in here. It also features a full review of their Live From The Cave Vol: 013, but for now were going to have a quick look on what they’ve been releasing since we last checked in.

Live From The Cave Vol: 014
With a grittier more sinister sound, this four track EP screams dirty Hip Hop. Cold lyrics, with more pronounced flow and bars through gritted teeth, teamed with style metallic sounds make for a beautiful yet dark sound. Anyone played or watched Silent Hill? Yeah, kinda like that. One Time (feat. Marty & Berlin…!) picks up the pace a little with a bouncier beat, but sticks with its consistent spooky feel, even using organ samples at some point. Catchy parts of the song and some serious talent featured with Chance-y vibes (I hope they don’t find that offensive cause I’m a massive fan girl).

You will never know fully, what the music means to me
— True Fiction (Live From The Cave Vol: 014)

The opening track Questions features a simple and humble visual to coincide. The video takes us on a journey, kind of a ‘day in the life of’ feature. Dookie dominates the video, snarling at the lens with a laid back attitude. A small amount of animation features on our journey, small black graphics overlaid on the video, that illustrate Dookies vocals. Theres also a rainbow of subtle filters over the whole video, with a signal interruption style distortion and overlaying of shots to create that trippy vibe the Womb do so well. As a major fan of all things animation I love this tiny touch, it really makes it stand out for me.

All in all I’m a major fan of the twisted dark sound that is Vol 014. I think it suits Dookie’s vocals and the production quality is bang on. It would be great to see some more visual stuff as their previous stuff has got super weird. I like the idea of these guys pushing the boundaries, it feels right. Make sure you check that video out and subscribe for updates!

Live From The Cave Vol: 015
Lazy vibes from Second Womb on this one. Travel music for beautiful places. Heavenly sounds on track Stretch to Reach with husky mellow bars and a persistent beat with science fiction style effects. These guys down to see Star Wars with me? We can take a Mic?

Live From The Cave Vol: 016

Dropping EPs every month, Earth and Dookie… More in store, on the tour
— Tombs, Live From The Cave Vol: 016

Bubbly vibes with a Trip Hop, psycho feel. Harsh bars like a kind of trappy Dr. Dre with the flu from Dookie, and a very fast flow in comparison to other volumes. I’m feeling a subtle Indie Rock influence from Father Earth. I’m also growing to the idea that he is a total nerd for intergalactic sound effects and futuristic audio which, as a massive Sci-Fi nerd, I adore. It's so well used and produced I'd be almost insulted if this signature space shreik sound left us.

All in all, Second Womb really is hitting us up with some major EP’s this year, were lucky people! All fasten your seatbelts for Vol: 017 which is upcoming beginning of May. make sure you check out our review which will be released on the same day as the EP, with a fresh link to the new tunage - Lucky me!

Their music is available on all major music sites. They also feature on my REVIEWED BY ME playlist on Soundcloud, so check them out!

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Written by Nancy H Gardner
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