Sitta Bella

If you don’t already, you need to know about Blackfish Collective. The group describe themselves as "the Irish-African collective that escapes classification and their music says it all. The Collective took a small hiatus to focus on experimenting with new melodies and are ready to set the stage with their latest single ‘Sitta Bella’. Exclusively premiered on Complex, the video oozes Black Girl Magic and is the perfect jam to put on for these last days of heat.

Sita Bella is a metaphoric representation of “The It Girl” or “The One That Got Away,” an image the group felt has too often been inaccurately depicted throughout the ages. This single is a message to remind us, that we can all be a “Sitta Bella”; the Collectives version is just a more down-to-earth representation of the modern day woman
— Blackfish Collective