Sleepless Nights


Theodorblack’s latest track is that late night lullaby you need to soothe your mind mutterings and help you get some SLEEP. Bathed in a cacophony of expanding synths and fuzzy beats, you’ll be drifting on the laidback rhythms of his words, which bring the listener to that familiar limbo-state we enter during early hours of the morning.

Clearly this is a time when Theodorblack gets creative. It’s no surprise because the boy works hard. He is constantly putting out music, releasing his own tapes and beats, featuring on tracks with producers like dxvl and the music collective RESERVOIR, as well as playing shows around the capital, most recently headlining the Ear Shots Cypher at Ghostnotes and supporting People Under the Stairs at the Jazz Cafe. There is no doubt that all Theodorblack’s graft is paying off, which makes those sleepless nights worth it. Keep your eye on this one, he speaks his dreams to action.