Soul Man Mont Jake With ‘Too Young’


Mont Jake has blown my mind after being introduced to him by Kieran (I bet he is gassed), but that’s beside the point the. Triple-threat Mont is clearly showing that Danish music is on the rise so paying close attention to his next moves throughout the year as something I am excited about.

His latest release ‘Too Young’, which you can find on his ‘EP2’ project, is a mash-up of two worlds blending the old with the new, as he incorporates Hip-Hop and R&B smoothing it over with his soulful vocal range. Trust me, we get a small taste of his vocal ability which is enough to blow anyone away. Jake started writing, recording and producing all his own music from the confines of his Copenhagen bedroom speaking to him about this record he said,

With ‘Too Young’, I did the horns first. I had this melody in my head, so I wrote the arrangement for it and I hired a brass guy to record it. Then I produced the beat around it. Had the beat lying on my laptop for about a year, and then I finally got inspired to do the vocals for it

Thank GOD he ended up getting around to finishing the song because GODDAMN it is amazing! I can’t wait to see what else he has got in store or what the future holds, but he definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Stream ‘Too Young’ below