Such Is Lyfe

K The Infinite. Maybe I’m late, and due to the look of his Soundloud plays, I am. But for me, a newly discovered artist, that as soon as I heard I just had to like and follow on everything! Apparently back from a short break from music, London lyricist and producer teams up with soulstress Aneesa Marie in the track Such Is Lyfe. A mix of mellow RnB beats with a slow and steady lyrical pace and beautiful backing vocals by Aneesa Marie throughout.

Such Is Lyfe has a message we all need to grasp. Reality, grounding yourself, and the hardships that we all go through. Getting controversially but self assuredly political in his track, Kwojo forms current issues like student debts, minimum wage and ever rising house prices into real life visions and struggles in the form of poetry.

The track feels like the audience doesn’t just listen and tap a foot along, we gain information and knowledge about what life is actually like for a young, black, musical, student, living in London. When we look at some of the best rappers of all time - Biggie, Eminem, Tupac and even Kendrick - they are great rappers because they tell stories. We get information and knowledge about life through their eyes. We buy into the person and by the looks of things K the Infinite is a person the world wants to see more of. Hitching up thousands of plays on Soundcloud and a spot on MOBO’s ‘Names to watch for 2017’ list, its an inevitable but humble ride for the artist.

Written by Nancy H Gardner