Teach You Something

Back for more, Dips & Lo-Wu return with ‘Teach You Something’. A lighthearted contrast to prior new-age Garage releases ‘Take Off’ and ‘Focus Riddim’, this enigmatic rapper-producer duo are unfolding a new chapter of the story with every release. 

The seductive hook is absurdly catchy and infectious, a calling card of guest artist K The Infinite. The beat swings like the beginning of a perfect messy night, showcasing Lo-Wu’s irrepressible ability to make bangers in many styles. Dips’ flows are self-assured, and it is impossible not to feel inspired. 

‘Teach You Something’s video aesthetic of handheld footage, expertly spliced by visual director Justyn Hollett, is a real insight into the joys of being truly promising artists in the alternative London scene. The raw visuals are complemented by a loving Rap narrative punctuated by trippy fluctuating text and are awash with cameos from some of Londons most prominent influencers and artists. 

We follow a day in the life of these two visionary players. As the video progresses the experience gets you beautifully intoxicated which is an honest impression of the lives the duo are living off the back of pure hard work and talent. The grounded footage shows where these artists eat, retreat, and celebrate the burgeoning positivity that pours from every bar.