The Internet Brings Soul On ‘Hive Mind’

Photo Credit:  Jabari Jacobs

Photo Credit: Jabari Jacobs

The Internet have kept their buzz going with singles over the spring and early summer, and now they have officially released their long-awaited ‘Hive Mind’ album. Syd, Matt Martians, Patrick Paige II, Christopher Smith, and Steve Lacy treat listeners with their first effort since 2015’s Ego Death LP.  No joke, this new (The) Internet album might go down as one of the most creatively rich pieces of music affiliated with the collective. It's definitely up there Frank’s ‘Channel Orange’ and Tyler’s ‘Flower Boy’.

They didn’t receive the Grammy for their third album Ego Death even though the album was nominated, but I believe Hive Mind is the sound of a group who have finally found their groove especially with 70's guitar funk which echoes throughout the album. Notwithstanding their young age, the group are more than seasoned pros and as you listen to the album you can really hear the sonic growth.

Listen to ‘Hive Mind’ below: