The Lonely Smoke

Photo Credit:  Ben Wescott

Photo Credit: Ben Wescott

Following the release of Lost EP, the enigmatic musician sevenislost returns with 7 minutes of pure honesty about his struggles with loneliness and isolation which causes him to indulge in a series of substances thus creating romance-afflicted music.

After the release of the well-received single ‘Blues', The Lonely Smoke mini-EP is a woozy, meandering piece of work that leans on itself – a patchwork of distorted samples and drum fills tucked amongst compression and reverb. The Lonely Smoke is a follow-up story from the last project explaining the repercussions of his actions after the partner in question has left him for good, which forced seven into further isolation from the world.

Throughout its seven minutes, the songs shifts between a series of frail, jittery instrumentals that sound ready to crumble to pieces at the slightest touch then find a middle ground of solace and acceptance but fall into a relapse of anguish with the final track. The project is a record about loneliness, and seven uses it as an opportunity to exercise his demons, but he never compromises on what he deems correct.