Theodor Black - Conversations EP Review


TheodorBlack, a London based alternative Hip-Hop-Jazz artist, has been busy putting together his end-of-summer project, Conversations. Released at the end of August, Conversations gives us an impressive display of both his vocal work and production. Centred around jazz samples boom bap beats, and crackly, lofi sounds, Conversations is aptly infused with features from Wun Two, Margot and Virgil Hawkins.

TheodorBlack’s jazzy Intro is essential in providing the listener with a concise preview of what is yet to come, with track two, A.R.T following on from this and bringing the listener into the project fully. The EP is bridged by dial tone’s, which help to create a storyline, tying each track together beautifully. A.R.T feels like a song you’d have playing on a road trip through Malibu with your girl, the 80’s snares mixed with the guitars and keys evoke images of sunsets and Cadillacs.

The third track from the EP, Inner City Jazz featuring Wun Two, came out a few months back via The Pit London and has so far been one of the most popular of our releases so far, and it’s fairly clear why. The track splits into two different but obviously connected parts, the first of which is dark in its theme, but this is contrasted well with the up-beat instrumental. It’s an excellent and honest self-assessment, poetic in its delivery and relatable in its subject. The second half of the track is equally as impressive, carried by the longing vocal sample which repeats throughout. TheodorBlack’s lyrics are immersive and punchy, and sit perfectly surrounded by the instrumental.

Colour Me Blue, the fifth track of the EP, featuring the vocals of Margot, has to be a personal favourite. A chill-out track of epic proportions. A sombre, love-lost song propelled by Margot’s sumptuous voice, which elevates this track to new highs.

The final track of Conversations, entitled Ode To Youth featuring the instantly recognisable vocals of Virgil Hawkins, marries both rappers lyrical creativity which excel over the slowed west-coast-inspired beat. Hawkins has a distinctive style, which is a perfect fit for TheodorBlack’s vocals and production. Ode To Youth allows Theodor to prove himself, changing up his themes and topics from much of the rest of the project, further legitimising him as a truly talented and diverse artist.