These Feelings Intend To Live

Photo Credit:  S J Weller

Photo Credit: S J Weller

Waiting for the perfect moment to release the completed jigsaw, Che Lingo drops ‘Sensitive’. The tracks are compiled like tipping scales. On the one side, the album is what he has let you see so far emotionally and creatively. On the other, what he hasn’t.

Feet Your Feelings’ Is Che’s understanding that his sensitivity doesn’t mean he’s wrong. And that anger can’t overtake him, because the sensitivity is stronger.

It’s relative but is it real?

The question we ask ourselves constantly. It’s rational, but is it real? Can we trust that rationality, whilst reassuring, will apply when others emotions are so unpredictable?

Mad Angle’ shows Che getting in control of simply wearing no armour whilst in love with a woman who can’t help but hurt him because he’s so sensitive. ‘No Sidekicks’ Is quite simply a masterpiece, drenched in metaphors and rotary keys at deep frequencies. Mick Jenkins rhythmically raps in bass tone for endless bars, then tumbles into Che’s proclamation.

I’d sacrifice my life for you

After, bold single ‘Circles’ - a track which was the true proclamation of Che’s unashamed vulnerability, providing much needed empathy for all of those having their paranoia quadrupled by social media, the album leads into the strangely calm ‘Kind of A Love Song’ which chimes a feeling of dark infatuation. We have all encountered an attraction or love affair that is simply addictively toxic. Constantly causing us to remedy ourselves whilst all the while we are addicted to the nausea.

Lovesick for you

But my favourite track is ‘Reasons’. The subject matter is SO relatable, but the melody is what really caught me. Che’s vocal ability may have been overlooked until this point, but after hearing this project in its entirety the fact is undeniable and is perfectly captured in the final track - ‘Be Careful’. Defined by the punctuated rhythm of Che’s rapping intertwining with a euphonious hook, the song pleads for only truth, to such a degree that he insists each statement uttered be as true as if it were your last to him.

With every thrust of his chest into the hearts and minds of a callous industry, Che proves again and again that he is able to combine sincerity with sophistication, agony with empathy, and poetry with melody. Onwards and upwards.