Track: Red


Genius producer Henny Knightz of ‘The Knighthood Society’ has had a hand in the production of many projects - this is his latest solo offering ‘Track: Red

Introducing you to the end in warped reverse, Henny Knightz presents you with how life is treating him. It almost feels like I can finish there. But when regarding this young pioneer producer there are so many new techniques to disassemble. Henny is one of the only rappers I am aware of currently, whose flow is seemingly a-rhythmic. But it isn’t. Once the drums drop in staggered stages, we hear that Henny was always floating above the rhythm.

I’ve listened to it about 6 times so far and as I write this, each time I catch a different piece of the experience. The shit jobs, the hours that are too long and the dirt you’re having to constantly scrub from the windows of your art. Too much suffering can you bitter. Hackney’s Most Hated (Henny & Nicki Knightz) spew their distaste and you still eat it because it’s great art and something you’ll never know. But if you do, they are there for you.

I’m disturbed by this track and I love it. The production is of course perfectly hard hitting yet rubba, the reverse swells are orchestral in their magnitude. Perfectly mixed. All Henny. *grin*