We ain’t here for that


A work consisting of 5 tracks, Nicki KnightzHate EP is a dark autobiography in verse. Wrapped in a completely unique production style it is offered as catharsis for every poisoned mind. Track by track, we learn more and more about the artists’ struggle for air in an unforgiving climate. The work is about more than abuse, in 5 short tracks Nicki Knightz confronts how ignorance and spite warp the character; and the tragic eventualities and human casualties of the block.

Sonically, Nicki’s numb flow takes emotions and experiences and coils them around one another. Henny Knightz’ production is warm yet sparse, a rare phenomenon and an achievement which perfectly compliments the EP’s climatic ending ‘Tweet’, in which Nicki combats the disease of so many block heroes by not being ashamed to strive for more.

The work has taken the ugliest of realities and presented them in a form which will allow all that hear it to empathise without prejudice. Truly a masterpiece, Hackney’s Most Hated look set to make the truth respectable again.