With A Feeling


Due to the insipid nature of today’s music fan, I have found it increasingly necessary to ignore music submissions that do not contain a strong lyrical message. I was reading recently in an interview with the late Kurt Cobain, that he had to be blasphemously obvious in his lyrics to even spark a discussion. (The song was ‘Rape Me’)

So what does one do upon receiving incredible instrumental music? I could no longer ignore this question after hearing Geo’sWith A Feeling’. The track opens with samples of Cello, Flute and Piano which cascade into a perfectly mellow jazz fusion motif, evolving further to underpin an eloquent vocal sample with the poignant and simple phrase - 

It all started with a feeling

It is inherently necessary in these unloved times, that we are able to amalgamate genuine sentiment with technical ability, in order to satisfy our stuffed minds and empty hearts.

Born in Massachusetts, based in L.A, this Berklee College of Music graduate has all the credentials necessary to fulfil that role. His back catalogue is consistent from chord to chord, many of which he plays himself (live instrumentation features heavily beneath a cloak of Lo Fidelity.)

2019 sees the release of a 5 song EP aptly titled ‘Sincerely’ which aims to sonically resonate with our own frequencies of depression, anxiety, complacency, love and optimism, and I can’t wait to feel them.