ZILO With A Song Everyone Should Reload


Rising songstress Zilo from London shares powerful new song Don’t Waste My Time.  Her love for painting, poetry, and writing has evolved into music and we have to thank the heavens for that. As a result, we have been gifted with songs such as Keep Up Wimmi as well as ‘Know That I Want You. Her love for poetry later turned in to music as she was inspired by instrumentals from the producer/vocalist Dream Koala. Shout out to Koala for the inspiration. 

All her music this far feels very personal as a result of reflecting on life experiences as well as looking at life through her own lenses. ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ is a reminder of knowing your own self-worth, valuing your own time despite others not. This song continues her run of amazing releases with her beautiful rich vocals.

Check out ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ below.