London, uK

SueLily is a singer-songwriter hailing from the outskirts of South London who prides herself on utilising music and other art mediums as a means of healing, self-discovery, and exploration of truth. Through her raw honesty and conscious use of the arts, SueLily explores issues that are close to her heart in the hopes of touching yours too. Seeing music as a fluid method of self-expression she prefers not to be boxed into a specific genre, instead seeing 'genre' as the feel of the specific mood that houses the creative process. That being said, her sound could be described as a gentle merging of Neo-Soul, Old school Hip-Hop and Jazz; with her roots remaining firm within Soul.

It is through both passion and drive that SueLily's creative process comes alive, honing her skills as a vocalist to deliver authentic experiences throughout her body of work. Elements of storytelling are entwined within tracks, such as Water prod by R-Key, detailing the inner conflict between heart and head. Such themes are carried throughout her work to build a picture that reflects who she is and the messages she wishes to portray while dealing wholeheartedly with real, human issues.

Though constructing personal narratives through her music, SueLily carefully expresses moments that can be interoperated and applied to the personal contexts of each listener; effectively engaging her audience to use her music as their own means of healing, discovery, and exploration.