Amber Olivier Self-Titled EP Takes You To The 90’s

Shot by  Mark Peaced

Shot by Mark Peaced

North London resident Amber Olivier is one everyone should keep an eye on. Her sound brings such richness to R'n'B, the flow of emotion provides the self-titled EP with its own distinct life. The EP features collaborations from Grammy-nominated Brent Faiyaz, Virginia whizkid Masego and Sonder’s very own Atu and Dpat. 

She spoke about working with Brent Faiayz with The 405 Music:

I went to work a normal job and then I randomly was in L.A. one day and someone showed me Brent Faiyaz’s music when nobody knew who he was. I was like, “I have to work with this guy.” I don’t know why it inspired me to start singing again, but then I just hit him up and he said he actually wanted to write with me, so I was super excited. I travelled to L.A. literally just to work with him and it turned out to be sick and we had really good chemistry. We’ve grown pretty much together before any of it kicked off (he didn’t even have an EP when we started working together), we became super tight, and then he helped me write my own EP!

Amber’s debut illustrates her soulful voice which resonates deeply with the listener, the EP is heavily relationship based as well as acknowledging presence of absence that takes you on a trip into the 90’s sonically.

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