Mary, mother of Train207


A firm fave of mine, Train 207 gives us a little tease for the upcoming EP ‘Woman’ in the form of new release ‘Mary’. With a chill out vibe, the track has 90’s Hip Hop & slow jam R’n’B influences, with flows sounding a little Will Smith-esque if you don’t mind the observation. The track is reminiscent of the new, old-school meets new-wave vibes and combines a classic rhythmic style with dreamy electronic beats. Adding in various effects like the sheer beauty of the sound of vinyl against a needle.

Message-wise, the song plays on the complications of love triangles and unreciprocated feelings. But in a very cool collected and mellow way, as Train 207 always does.

The tune is available now on all major streaming platforms as of now. So, iTunes, Spotify etc etc. Be sure to give it a listen and keep those eyes peeled for the upcoming ‘Woman’ EP, out soon!