Artist Spotlight: Idris Miles


With a blazing hot week or so in full swing, I have some beautiful summery news for my readers. It is official and it starts here with Idris Miles. Essex based singer, songwriter and lyricist outshines the masses with a brand new release, Summer Seventeen. Executively produced by Cuban Pete and released via Gold Prospector Records, the latest project is the follow up to the spring released banger, FLGHT.

Summer Seventeen has some super serious summer vibes! With a promise of much more to come this heatwave (Apparent highs of 27 on Saturday!), Idris had me getting the festival tingles already. I'm about to stick my headphones on and dream away. The mellow, dreamy tones of the beat compliment Idris’ flow, use of alliteration and contemporary viewpoint. Vibesy and dirty, the track makes me wanna sit on Tooting Common with a bottle of Rosé (Yeah, I keep it classy in Summer).

The track embodies the idea of a summer romance, but stays relatable for all audiences. Talking about both present feelings and even embracing a change in tempo, sound and style at around 2.30 creates this dark edge, full of doubt, questioning whether this dream girl even exists. And yet, still with that ever present glimmer of hope that Idris keeps with him. This helps the track stay highly relevant, a song for those who are single and coupled up, which honestly, can't be easy to do with your heart on your sleeve.

Idris’ distinct style is memorable, and his ability to create total ear worms is beyond me - It's true talent. Summer Seventeen is so catchy I had my brother dancing around my dining room singing “You remind me of a summer day” and he pretty much steers clear of any Rap, most of all modern stuff. I got a chance to chat with Idris about this new track, but also about his influences in life, fashion and music.

What influenced and inspired the track Summer Seventeen?
It’s kinda weird, I wanted to slyly make a soundtrack for the hopeless romantics out there. Like, everyone always thinks about who would be their perfect/ideal other half so I wanted to manifest that concept into song. Plus being a hopeless romantic myself, I kinda wanted to give the people the same as me something to relate to, like I do with all my music.

That’s real sweet to be honest. I feel like urban music and its artists are becoming a lot less terrified of having feelings, so its real nice that we have people like you to embrace that notion and encourage it with new music. Can you tell us a little more about your production team (or collective) and how the group dynamic works?
My team is vast for real! I work with producers from all parts of earth but mainly I have Ryan-J to thank with most of my productions. Also Cuban Pete, who’s on the beat for Summer Seventeen, is an absolute beast. Seriously check his Soundcloud because I believe he’s got loads more for everyone. I always engineer myself and generally send off for mastering but yeah. I got my team DreamXXVI for feedback and ideas too. But yeah I’d even count you as an affiliate if you fuck with me…

Will deffo link everyone mentioned, so that readers to check out new stuff! What kind of music really inspires you? And, any unsigned artists we should be checking out?
Pretty much anyone pursuing a dream inspires me. It’s hard these days to do what makes you happy because suits will look at you weird for being colourful. So yeah dreamchasers are the future. But in terms of music I gotta say bbno$, Tailrmdelvn, my team DreamXXVI (Youtube) are my go-tos for vibes. Also Cuban Pete, Origamik, Elijah Melo, STU, Wize… The list can go on haha!

The image you put across is quite spiritual and wise, would you say those were qualities you keep outside of music? And how do you keep those going?
I just try and stay mindful and not “mind full” you know? There’s too much drama and war when really the key should be unity… Both inside and out of music. I’ll sit and chill and just breathe, you can call that whatever you want. Meditation, prayer, whatever. And I just smile, that’s it. It’s actually not that hard to make people and yourself feel good, just smile and enjoy life. If you’re upset or stressed, practice what you like - art, music, dance, creating, cooking. Just be yourself and not what people want you to be… Oh and listen to Idris Miles I heard that helps...

It deffo does and I can totally vouch for that one, I cant lie! Also your visuals and style is always pretty out there in comparison to a lot of artists we see in the same genre as yourself. Do you take an active role in fashion as a part of your work?
Thank you, with the risk of sounding big headed I think my sense of style and fashion is definitely there BUT I normally do have stylists on deck to help me with shoots like Katie Diba and Roseanna… Plus my main man Jamal Anthony has my visuals ON LOCK! That’s family for real.

So sick that you have such a creative group surrounding you. Your socials tease at a lot of summer projects coming up, how much can we really expect from you? And is there any sneaky exclusive info we can squeeze out of you?
I can’t say much haha! But tings a gwan for real… I got summer vibes, more stories, music videos and shows coming so yeah, no way I’m looking to be quiet. Maybe a couple radio interviews/freestyles *cough* Pit LDN put me on *cough*

Haha, hint hint. I will 100% try sort that out for you man. Always a massive pleasure having you as a part of the family and will deffo be keeping my eyes peeled personally, as you know I’m a massive fan girl.

Guys, make sure you check out Idris Miles, his team and confidants. We have a lot to look forward to this season and of course his new track Summer Seventeen. Give it a listen as it's deffo one of the sounds of this summer. Available on Soundcloud.


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