AYLØ’s 5 track EP titled Honest Conversations is one of few projects on the musicians Soundcloud available for listening. With a bold combo of mellow Soul, Rap and R'n'B, AYLØ creates a smooth-listening free-flowing EP. With each track very different in sound and style, ranging from fast paced lyrics to twinkling beats, AYLØ’s embrace of his clear-cut social and cultural influences heighten his sound to a new level. With the relatable and somewhat familiar character represented in his music, AYLØ’s sound comes across as having lots of contemporary and current influences within his music.

Dreaming is a fabulous example of the old school influences on this EP. It gives a breathy, sexy start to the project with a minimal and jazzy tone in an improvised style. Jumping to track 2, Melanin, the pace is picked up. Still mellow in tone, the EP slowly exerts itself into a humorous endeavour introducing us with a speech about the lack of romance. But I won’t give too much away, I’ll leave y’all to laugh to yourselves. Memories has a lot of obvious influences and styles involved in its final sound, but also reminds me very loosely of songs from the likes of The Gorillaz’ Plastic Beach and Chance the Rappers, Acid Rap. Circles leaves us on a high note. Fast paced and catchy with a lot of great sounds and flows being featured. We are left wanting more - the best way to end a fresh EP.

The overall project is interesting! Each track embraces what sounds like a totally different genre however, they really work as a collection of music. It's almost as if we’ve created a perfect playlist of varying flavours and had them mixed by our favourite DJ. Or in this case, mixed and mastered by the likes of GMK & Genio Bambino.

Having a powerhouse of sound and style has adapted this EP into something much bigger. Check out AYLØ's Honest Conversations EP below.

Written by Nancy H Gardner
Instagram: @nancyhgardner
SC: nancyhgardner