"The Feeling" is real

Following his first modern soul EP, released in mid September, BOADI has given us a new track with fellow creative and producer Aaron London.

The brand spanking new track The Feeling follows from his EP with his class and charisma staying ever present, but also showcases a clear progression in style. His previous release [Bwer-dee], demonstrates a flow of Soul and RnB tracks teamed with subtle electronic contemporary influences and intricate sounds that take you away. In contrast, The Feeling embraces a Hendrix style psychedelic sound with components of Jazz, demonstrated in the musical talent of saxophonist Seb G and multi-instrumentalist Boadi himself. Of course, pair this with the chilled vibes of Aaron London’s signature sound and you create a perfect trio to get the best out of the stunningly talented Boadi’s vision.

Vocal wise, Boadi doesn’t even have to try hard. With an effortless sound that flirts with your eardrums, his husky but angelic voice is pronounced throughout. His accent switches from English at ‘Oopsie daisy’ to a smooth, brief and, likely, unintentional American twang at ‘give me that feeling’ and ‘flirting’ which works in an endearing way and only accentuates his charming vocals for the rest of the song.

Musically, the use of synths and effects really add to the timelessness of the tracks groundwork. If it weren't for the sheer quality of production and sound, one could mistake the song for something created somewhere around 1968. The fresh take on the track, influenced by the creative minds involved, really lifts its relevance and standing within todays highly electronic and minimally instrument-based industry. As a massive fan of Jazz, Soul, Funk and RnB, it's great to see artists cropping up with so much passion for more classic styles. Likewise, there are many producers willing to embrace this to create, collaborate and help progress our brains, ears and hearts in such a way.

Listen to The Feeling and follow to Boadi for his latest releases.

Written by Nancy H Gardner
Instagram: @nancyhgardner
SC: nancyhgardner